Monday, July 14, 2008

It's always more fun...

to share with every one. So we've got kids here on this floor I work on. It's the pediatrics floor they put me and my instrument on, why I do not know. Anyway the phlebotomist wanted to put some music on her computer so that they could have some kids music to play in the back ground to calm some of the kids while pulling blood. This I can totally understand! So I go and grab my dd's mp3 player out of the car and download High School Musical onto the computer. Today I remember that I have the Curious George CD in the car too so I bring that in too. Of course it's in a different format so I can't get it to switch over. I'll have to take it home and put it on her mp3 player and download it that way again (it's just the easier way of doing it). So the radio we have in here now is playing the Curious George CD (rather than the god awful country that was making my ears bleed last week). Jack Johnson is so soothing. I know he plays like he's in his home Hawaii but it still reminds me of my home beaches of San Diego back when they were peaceful, not like they are now. It's nice. They are also all about green too, reduce re-use recycle. Oh and sharing, that evil 5 letter share word all children hate. I love how old my generation had become. Now all our music has to teach our children lessons. Damn we are old.

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