Tuesday, July 8, 2008


Isn't that such a great roll off the tongue kinda word? This post is a nod to the dh who, for whatever reason, had a wild hair last night and decided that he wanted to make gazpacho. And if that doesn't tell you that my hubby is a metrosexual I don't know what else I can say here to convince you. Well, other than he had every intention of making it himself. Which he did. Quite well might I add. Now mind you (oddly) I've never had it before. This is a statement since I am kind of a foodie and have interesting taste. The dh, of course, has had it before, he comes from a family of restauranteurs but none of them served gazpacho so he was winging it with an internet receipe. Did a great job too, it was a very very tasty soup! I couldn't eat a whole lot of it though, he decreased the red onion but it was still quite strong so I just had a bit. I must also say that I didn't think I'd be as enamoured with it as I was. I love tomatoes but there are so many strong flavors in the mix that one could easily lose an ingredient flavor. Plus it's cold, I've never been a fan of cold soups. This one was great though, good job honey!

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