Wednesday, July 23, 2008

This is my budget

So spending is tight. It's like a bad word in the world of scrapbooking/stamping. No woman wants to deal with the fact that her budget has officially been jacked but lets face it, it has. So my answer has been set at $24 plus $5 shipping. Or better translated to The Unity Kit of the month club. Happens every month automatically. That way I am not tempted to buy a whole bunch of other exciting stuff that I just HAVE TO HAVE because there's always something right? Plus I still get a stamping treat, am happy and satiated for the month and don't feel totally like I am working every day and getting nothing. Then I'd be bitter wife and no one likes bitter wife right honey? So for your viewing pleasure I figured I take a picture of what the last 2 Kits of the months look like in my messy messy stamp area that is never clean. It is never clean because I am a horrible messy housekeeper. Plus the 6 yr old shares the space and that just really pushes it over the edge. Not that I can blame it all on her by any stretch of the means! Oh and there are some of the individual Unity stamps in there too, I love those, I think they are some of my favorite things that Unity makes. Biblical quotes right next to Anias Nin, can't ask for anything more than that. Maybe someday soon I can find me a bit of time to create and make something with Unity's beautiful stuff, I really want to incorporate it into a scrapbook I've been working on for oh, maybe 2 years or so. If I really put some effort out I swear I could probably pump it out in a day but it'll be a miracle if I can get it done in the next decade. I even think I have all the materials I need. Ah but the time...does time count as a material?

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Kimberly said...

looks like this will give you a nice monthly stash!