Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Update - we have music

On the iPhone that is. I may not ever be able to see it or my hubby again but that's ok, they're in love and that's all that matters right? That's not entirely true. It does have my phone line integrated into it so he grudgingly let me have it back but if there were a way to sneak his phone line into it I would have never seen them again. They would have disappeared silently into the night. No wait, he'd have taken the kid too and she hasn't shut up for at least 5 weeks (damn that kid has not shut up, I don't know what it is!) so he could not have not been noticed. I would have pretended to not notice though because the incessant noise would be leaving and I'd have been ok dandy doodle fine with it. Anyway last night he figured out quite easily how to get all the music on it and has decided that it iPhone is the niftiest thing since sex. Which is no great surprise to anyone else out there with an iPhone I am sure hence Apple's insane success right there behind Viagra. Gotta love American society and what drives it. Hey, I have music on my iPhone, I'm happy! So now the hubby has one more incentive to find a new job. As soon as he gets paid more he can afford to buy me a new next gen iPhone and he can have this one. Commercialism, it is, after all, what drives America.

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