Tuesday, July 15, 2008

So lets just get this out there

So I can clear the air. I wanted a boy. The dh, he wanted a girl. This was all known many many moons before we were all of breeding age, trust me. When we were teenagers we could have all predicted this I imagine. No, really, I'm serious. So when we found out we were having a girl (at the sonogram) the mil went out and partied (it was the girl she never had) the dh patted me on the shoulder and said "Don't worry honey, they're not always right" the sonographer said "oh no, you're having a girl". I'll post the pic, our girl sat on the ultrasound wand. Even I could see that we were having a girl, there were no floating turtles in there, only lips.
Anyway, since then I have been living the life of girlie stuff that I so do not like. My dh has been painting toe nails with the delight that I should be showing but don't because that stuff just does not delight me. He even paints each nail a different color which is very endearing, the dd just does not know how good she has it.
My point being, because I do have one, is that I am an only child and as such, like my alone time. As a parent you don't get much. As a parent of an only child you still don't get much. They have a tendency to expect you to entertain them all the time always when they don't have each other to kill. I wish I had others so they could torture each other. The I could just do what Ebony (my friend) does and hose down the dirt in my back yard, create a mud pit and let them have at it.
So I had a Stampin Up party I wanted to go to this evening. By myself. So I could just have some fun time. To myself. Lord forbid I have some fun time with out a 6 yr old attached to my side. Do not get me started, I know she loves scrapping and stamping. She has more scrapping ans stamping stuff than most scrappers. She has the entire Stampin Up pen set for gods sake. I had no intention of bringing the kid with me so I didn't mention it to her or the hubby while I was at home. Instead I called home and told the hubby while I was at work. So what does he do? He tells her. And it makes her sad. Why? Because she wants to go of course. That's why I didn't tell her about it. So why did he tell her? Go ahead, answer this for me. Why would you tell her this? Don't get me started because I could go on forever but I won't. It was stupid. He should have just said mom had to work late or something minor. But nooo lets say mom went to a Stampin Up party. Smart! Duh.
Ok so I tell him to ask her if she wants to go and so he does and says that she gives him big happy animae eyes and is very happy to go. She wants to know if it'll be a big party or a small party. I say about 15 people and according to her that means it's a medium sized party. Why she asks this I don't know. Probably to figure out how many accoutrements she'll bring along. And she does tend to over pack so it may take a bit to wean her down this evening. Ah this is why I didn't want to tell her where I was going. That and I didn't actually want to buy anything...damnit.

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Kimberly said...

oh girl I am feeling your pain, I mean what is the point if you gotta drag the offspring along?! You know that is the main reason I dont get to do anything. I hope you still get to enjoy your evening oh and give a slap to the back of the head on B. for me--he must learn not to divulge such secrets!!